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JIP: Sparks Flames and Names ( Released Oct 12th, 2012 )

Press / Reviews for Sparks, Flames & Names:

Rock in Chicago Reviews Sparks, Flames & Names

Illinois Entertainer shows love for Sparks, Flames & Names

Sparks, Flames & Names is a Top Album of 2012 from Chicago Now

Broken Hearted Toy Reviews and Enjoys Sparks, Flames & Names

        Ranked #40 Album of 2012 by Broken Hearted Toy!

Vocals on Top gives Sparks Flames & Names 4/5 Stars

Rocker JCC Video Review of Sparks,Flames & Names

2DayHangover Drunken Review of Sparks, Flames & Names

JIP Featured in the Franklin Park Daily Herald

Get JIP'ed in the Chicago Sun Times

JIP Featured on Positively Naperville

"Shudder" is the featured Single of September @ Jester Jay Music

JIP is (Featured Artist 08.30.12) 

Singer / Songwriter Jim Gwynn Featured in Local Glen Ellyn Publication

JIP featured at

 JIP Shirt makes an appearance on

Sparks, Flames & Names was first sent to fellow artists including members of Semisonic, Eels, Local H, and other local Chicago friends of JIP. 

Jess Paul of

" Sparks Flames Names EP is a complete showcase of JIP's honed musicianship and raw passion. Throwing back to classic and southern rock and acoustic legends, the band injects their own soul into every song. My favorite tracks, "Shudder" w/ Joanna Stanielun and "Little Light" w/ Rachel McClusky."

James Van Osdol of Q101 fame

"I love Shudder and Shift is pretty cool too"

Jacob of Semisonic 

“Good Stuff, I like the haunting choruses in Swimming”

Butch of the Eels

“Quite Impressed with the 7 track EP.  Keep on the awesome road of making music because you’re good at it”

Kevin of Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers

“Sparks, Flames & Names is the soundtrack to that still, quiet evening of self-reflection.  A unique modern music blend.”  Shudder, featuring Joanna Stanielun, recalls the more haunting moments from Fleetwood Mac's heyday. 

Joe Daniels of Local H fame

“A refreshing and soothing blend of songs with a lot of diversity in the song crafting”  “Songs on this EP like “Little Light” leave you grooving under the moonlight with a fire and thoughts of distance in your mind”

Andy Metz

“This EP makes great use of guest appearances by combining the strong songwriting of JIP with seamless vocal harmonies throughout” 

Andy of The Burrows

“I love the concept of this EP and the stylistic diversity is quite refreshing”

Mike of Ballroom Boxer

“This album kills”  “Nice duets, Shudder reminds me of Pete Yorn”

 Matt of Jackpot Donnie

“Sparks, Flames & Names is a fun collection of rustic folk-rock jams with some cool and unique twists”

Kevin of The Action Blast

“This EP Rules!  4.5 out of 5”

Shaun Hague

“It’s really good” “Joanna, Buick and Rachel blend well w/ your voice and they sound sexy to boot.”

Justin of Duller Colors

“You’ve Become My Life is a cross between Fiona Apple & Ben Folds with excellent harmony and rich textures”

Stephen Lynerd

"Harmonies reminiscent of CSN, solid instrumental creativity, and original compositional strength make Sparks, Flames & Names a great listen.  Very Fun!"

Michael Riser

“Very cool acoustic oriented EP with excellent duets”

 Zain Lodhia

“Shudder is the epic song on this album…you and Joanna sound fantastic together”

Jennifer Benson of Ignescent

The originality of your work is refreshing.  Love "Little Light"!

Mary Lemanski

JIP's "Sparks, Flames & Names EP" blends blues, folk, pop and rock to create something unique and very   enjoyable.  

Rena Newman

“Great album”  “Our City by the Lake is very Radio Friendly”

JIP : Year X ( Released May 28th, 2011)

Since the album Year X was released in late May 2011 it has reached all 50 US States. JIP received radio play in 8 states and 4 countries. JIP also received great responses from 8 US Governors over the song, "Voices".

As well as these reviews:

Illinois Entertainer: "JIP impresses on energetic tracks like, Not Alone" "JIP rocks Ultra Lounge!"

JIP received honorable mention accolades for the song, " VOICES", by

Rock Over America:  5 of 5 stars!

Big Medicine in TN: JIP is a Trip! 5 of 5! TOP PICK. "This is a really cool little pop album" "This underground gem contains 14 cool cuts"

Foley Entertainment: 4 of 5 Stars! "It was nice to hear something cool, unique and not another copycat sound."

Vents Magazine: 4 of 5 Rating. "Let yourself loose into JIP’s awesome music to remember."

Producer Warren Huart (Producer for the new Aerosmith record): "It could be the Cars if produced really well."

The Synthesis of Chico,CA : "Although this is the celebration of Gwynn's 10 year anniversary as a solo musician, “Year X” presents itself as a solid debut album." 4 of 5 Stars! The album is great, the only reason it doesn’t get a 5 out of 5 is because it didn’t truly grab me till it was about half way done. Had I not have made it that far, I probably wouldn’t have realized how great Year X really is.   JIP Interview       

AOL Patch:  "Voices" Interview Review of  Double Door Chicago Show:  Double Door Concert Review 

JIP has been on Fearless Radio with the wonderful Kris Littman twice

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