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JIP - Established in 2001

The Chicagoland band JIP continues on into 2015 with their new full length album Last Call (Deluxe Version) and a 7 inch vinyl of "Our City by the Lake"!  

Last Call is indie alternative rock record with a smile.  This record is a statement to enjoy the moment, press on, and embrace what makes you happy. The deluxe version of Last Call includes 28 tracks including the full album and each song covered by another artist. It's effin great.

JIP is Jim Gwynn (Vocals / Guitar), Spencer Watson (Guitar / Vocals), Mike Charbonneau (Drums / Percussion) and Bruce Smith ( Bass ).  Last Call was brewed in Chicago Illinois at Million Yen Studios with Producer Andy Gerber (Local H / Tossers).  Last Call is the third studio album from the band since 2010 (Year X in 2010 / Sparks, Flames & Names in 2012). 

JIP has established a sound and place in the Chicago Music Scene while playing some of the greatest Chicago music venues including:  Metro Chicago, Double Door, Cubby Bear, Hard Rock Chicago, Subterranean, and many others.  JIP has collaborated with many artists on their current and past albums including Grammy Winner Buick Audra, Grammy Winner Anand Bhatt, Grammy Nominated Tracy Bonham, Stubhy Pandav, Joanna Stanielun, Nickolas Blazina, Jess Godwin, Rachel McClusky, and Shaun Hague.

JIP will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in early 2016.

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