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Jibber Jabber....

Pledgemusic and 2015


Hello There.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever read these, but here I go!  JIP is getting close to our 15 year anniversary which is just crazy.  I started JIP as a solo project and worked on 5 albums with Spencer before I started sharing this music.  Now 2015 is almost over and I'm finally making Last Call available to the public.  This is JIP's 8th album.  Oh man!

So you'll be seeing the Pledgemusic campaign coming in the next week or so.  It'll have Last Call ( Deluxe ) which I'm stupid proud of.  The album we created alone was the best thing that I've ever created and NOW it's got a cherry on top with all of the cover songs on the deluxe version.  Not only that JIP is finally on vinyl.  Our City by the Lake is JIP's ode to Chicago and I thought it be appropriate to have that be our first 7 inch.  The B side is my silly song for Wisconsin making this 7 inch a Midwest Lovefest :)

I hope that people gravitate to this campaign. I hope that people finally grab on and listen to Last Call.  I hope that JIP continues.  I already have an outline to a new album ready to go if you show the love.

Well... Here we go.  How this pledgemusic campaign goes is up to you.  JIP needs to be loved!


JIP is a full force 4 piece ... Record Notes


Happy Four Piece....

2013 is coming....


So...2013 is coming.

Hard Rock!


Hard Rock Record Release October 12th in Chicago!

An Adventure is Ahead...


JIP has expanded in sound and energy over the past few months.  We played what I believe to be the best show of my career at Ultra Lounge Chicago on 3/29.  JIP is at such a huge jumping point right now and I've very excited for the adventure ahead. 

On Friday of this week I'll be heading out on an acoustic tour that runs through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  I'm looking at it as a songwriting escape that will be busy with 7 sets in 3 days.  In pursuit of writing a great followup to Year X I'm putting my all into opening up my mind to new sounds and styles.  I've been writing non-stop since the wrap of Year X in March 2011.  I believe there is enough material to create a new record, but I want to add and filter.  It's a very exciting and eye opening time right now.

JIP will be rocking some more shows as a full band through May including 5 sets at Six Flags Great America.  I hope that JIP will be in the studio sometime in the summer and I plan on working on some new collaborations soon.

Keep an eye and ear out!  I hope to see you at a show real soon!


So a lot has happened since my last post....


Come out and PARTY with us!

The end of Year X at the Double Door


Thank you Everyone for A great 2011!!!!

So I lied....


In November I was sure that we were done playing shows in 2011.  Then the storm of happy times came...

The band, The Burrows Four, invited us to play a show.  JIP absolutely said yes as they are great guys and put on a great show.  The the CUBBY BEAR of Wrigleyville called.  You can't say no to that. 

So I lied....and it was effin amazing.  We've continued to tour the album Year X and have a blast with it.

Over the last week we saw Wrigley Field from our stage and we played our best sets yet.  (Thank you to everyone that came out to those shows.)

A bomb dropped late last week...

JIP will be playing The Double Door on 12/21.

I've spent 5 New Years Eve's with Local H at the Double Door.  I've touched Gavin Rossdale at the double door amongst seeing a ton of other bands. On 12/21 I'll be able to say I played that same stage.  How cool is that?


End of the first leg of JIP Year X Tour Dates


JIP has played some killer venues so far supporting Year X!

3 Months Deep



JIP Year X has been released for just over 3 months.  Some really cool things have happened so far.  The album has recieved warm reception from a lot of outlets.  Eight Governors have responded to the track "Voices" and an article was written about the track.  The album has reached 26 countries so far with a very cool review from Ireland.  JIP has played 4 shows with a forecast for more.  The next one being the first headlining show at the Red Line Tap on September 25th.

As a songwriter I couldn't be happier.  In brief conversations I've had with some people they are really understanding what I was trying to get accross.  All the tracks on Year X hold some sort of purporse and meaning.  I feel my writing progressing as well as my guitar work.  I'm currently working on some new tracks.  I just featured "In Your Hands" at the Douglas Street show.

In the next month I plan on getting crazy with sending the album out to publications for review and radio stations that play independent artists.  I'll keep you posted on updates!

Thank you so much to anyone that's bought a record or come to a show.  I'll never have a full grasp of how long JIP will last so I make sure not to take any of these moments for granted.

Salute and see you soon!


May 28th , 2011 ( The CD Arrives ! )


10 Years of JIP.  1 Year of writing and recording.

And....JIP YEAR X is HERE!

The CD came out exactly as planned and is everything that I wanted!

I can't wait to share it with the world.  The CD will be available on iTunes and CD Baby soon.

Please email me if you'd like an advance copy.

Thanks and Much Love!


Starting this Up.


So, I'm working on this webpage tonight patiently awaiting YEAR X to be revealed.  The album is completely recorded and sounds great.  This album was 10 years coming.  These songs are the best of my efforts thus far.  I really focused on writing great songs that were simple and had a lot of meaning. 

I'm wondering what the reaction will be to it.  I wonder if my point will get accross. 

The point being that you should enjoy the life that you are given everyday and roll with it.  Be happy with what you have and enjoy this life.

That's all for Day 1.



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