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Jibber Jabber....

2013 is coming....

JIP has an amazing year in 2012.  We've played some great shows and met some really great people this year.  Sparks, Flames & Name found a lot of happy ears and reviews.   It's hard to believe that some of my music heroes took the time to listen and appreciate that creation.  

This year would not have been nearly as cool without Mike & Joe coming into the JIP family.  Those guys have brought power and helped to establish JIP as a rock band.

So...2013 is coming.  Why is that such a big deal?  Well we are working on a big ROCK RECORD at Million Yen Studios.  We are about 8 tracks deep in the process.  The beginnings of these tracks really sound great.  2013 will be a year of creation and more shows.

I wish you all Happy Holidays.  Thank you for sticking with JIP and being a part of this. 

Much Love!

-Jim from JIP

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