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3 Months Deep


JIP Year X has been released for just over 3 months.  Some really cool things have happened so far.  The album has recieved warm reception from a lot of outlets.  Eight Governors have responded to the track "Voices" and an article was written about the track.  The album has reached 26 countries so far with a very cool review from Ireland.  JIP has played 4 shows with a forecast for more.  The next one being the first headlining show at the Red Line Tap on September 25th.

As a songwriter I couldn't be happier.  In brief conversations I've had with some people they are really understanding what I was trying to get accross.  All the tracks on Year X hold some sort of purporse and meaning.  I feel my writing progressing as well as my guitar work.  I'm currently working on some new tracks.  I just featured "In Your Hands" at the Douglas Street show.

In the next month I plan on getting crazy with sending the album out to publications for review and radio stations that play independent artists.  I'll keep you posted on updates!

Thank you so much to anyone that's bought a record or come to a show.  I'll never have a full grasp of how long JIP will last so I make sure not to take any of these moments for granted.

Salute and see you soon!


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