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An Adventure is Ahead...

JIP has expanded in sound and energy over the past few months.  We played what I believe to be the best show of my career at Ultra Lounge Chicago on 3/29.  JIP is at such a huge jumping point right now and I've very excited for the adventure ahead. 

On Friday of this week I'll be heading out on an acoustic tour that runs through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  I'm looking at it as a songwriting escape that will be busy with 7 sets in 3 days.  In pursuit of writing a great followup to Year X I'm putting my all into opening up my mind to new sounds and styles.  I've been writing non-stop since the wrap of Year X in March 2011.  I believe there is enough material to create a new record, but I want to add and filter.  It's a very exciting and eye opening time right now.

JIP will be rocking some more shows as a full band through May including 5 sets at Six Flags Great America.  I hope that JIP will be in the studio sometime in the summer and I plan on working on some new collaborations soon.

Keep an eye and ear out!  I hope to see you at a show real soon!


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