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Hard Rock!

It has been a while since I've last posted in here. Holy crap a lot has happened since April! To start JIP is having our record release party October 12th @ Hard Rock Chicago. I've been going to Hard Rock since I was a little kid. I have a ton of t-shirts from my visits over the years. It's going to kick a ton of ass to play that stage in about a month.

Sparks, Flames & Names is HERE! This album is a dream that became a reality. The first song recorded was "Our City by the Lake" with Nick from State & Madison. I was looking to try something new as a songwriter and the quality of that collaboration made that whole record happen. From traveling to Tennessee to working to working with 7 artists makes the web that is Sparks, Flames & Names.  That record is a "breakup" record of sorts.  It starts with recouping and falling in love at the beginning.  Then you open your heart again, someone breaks it, and you move on.   The results that came out of these collaborations to make this album were amazing.  All the artists were giving and that made the process work.  I'm in debt to Shaun, Buick, Nick, Jess, Joanna, Rachel, and Spencer.  The album is available as a  digital release before the Hard Rock show in October.

The band is coming together great as well.  Mike and Joe are warriors and we are having a great time prepping for our next set of shows and our full length record. YES!  JIP is already working on another record.  It is going to rock your balls!

I'll leave this post at that.  Thank you for stopping in and reading this.  I'm so excited for JIP's next steps. 

I hope to see you at a show real soon. 

-Jim from JIP

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