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Pledgemusic and 2015

Hello There.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever read these, but here I go!  JIP is getting close to our 15 year anniversary which is just crazy.  I started JIP as a solo project and worked on 5 albums with Spencer before I started sharing this music.  Now 2015 is almost over and I'm finally making Last Call available to the public.  This is JIP's 8th album.  Oh man!

So you'll be seeing the Pledgemusic campaign coming in the next week or so.  It'll have Last Call ( Deluxe ) which I'm stupid proud of.  The album we created alone was the best thing that I've ever created and NOW it's got a cherry on top with all of the cover songs on the deluxe version.  Not only that JIP is finally on vinyl.  Our City by the Lake is JIP's ode to Chicago and I thought it be appropriate to have that be our first 7 inch.  The B side is my silly song for Wisconsin making this 7 inch a Midwest Lovefest :)

I hope that people gravitate to this campaign. I hope that people finally grab on and listen to Last Call.  I hope that JIP continues.  I already have an outline to a new album ready to go if you show the love.

Well... Here we go.  How this pledgemusic campaign goes is up to you.  JIP needs to be loved!


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