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Jibber Jabber....

So a lot has happened since my last post....

Today is 2/17 and it's the day prior to JIP's first full band show.  I'm still in the mist of soaking in everything that happened in 2011.  What a great year!  JIP as an acoustic duo with Spencer made it all the way to the Double Door.

I entered 2012 looking for something big to sweep me away.  I've not stopped writing since JIP recorded Year X at Million Yen in early 2011.  I took 2 of my favorite songs and tried experiencing what I had with Tracy Bonham from last year.  So I reached out to a few great local musicians to complete the songs, "Our City by the Lake" and "You've Become My Life".  Those tracks turned out amazing and it got me to thinking.  This should be bigger so I started looking for components to create a rock band.  Having JIP become a band was what I wanted when I started this 10 years ago.  That time is finally here with the additions of Mike & Joe to JIP. 

Our first show at Goose Island Wrigleyville is tomorrow.  We hope to blow your pants off all Spring and all of 2012.  Come out and PARTY with us! 


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