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Jibber Jabber....

So I lied....

In November I was sure that we were done playing shows in 2011.  Then the storm of happy times came...

The band, The Burrows Four, invited us to play a show.  JIP absolutely said yes as they are great guys and put on a great show.  The the CUBBY BEAR of Wrigleyville called.  You can't say no to that. 

So I lied....and it was effin amazing.  We've continued to tour the album Year X and have a blast with it.

Over the last week we saw Wrigley Field from our stage and we played our best sets yet.  (Thank you to everyone that came out to those shows.)

A bomb dropped late last week...

JIP will be playing The Double Door on 12/21.

I've spent 5 New Years Eve's with Local H at the Double Door.  I've touched Gavin Rossdale at the double door amongst seeing a ton of other bands. On 12/21 I'll be able to say I played that same stage.  How cool is that?


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