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JIP Sparks, Flames & Names Collaboration CD -

JIP Sparks, Flames & Names Collaboration CD


JIP: Sparks, Flames & Names is a collaborations record with seven different featured artists on the seven tracks.  In writing this album the theme became a "breakup" record of sorts.  At the beginning you are adjusting to new life circumstances til you fall in love and that love falls apart. 

Track Listing: 
  1.  Shift featuring Shaun Hague  (
  2.  Swimming featuring Buick Audra   (
  3.  Our City by the Lake featuring Nickolas Blazina  (
  4.  You've Become My Life featuring Lil' Teena Marie
  5.  Shudder featuring featuring Joanna Stanielum (
  6.  Little Light featuring Rachel McClusky  (
  7.  Meant to Pass featuring Edison


JIP: The Silver Line - Home Recordings

JIP: The Silver Line

Home Recordings

The Silver Line is my 5th Home Recordings done on a Tascam 8-Track.

Track Listing:

  1. Low
  2. All My Life ( In Your Eyes )
  3. The Fade
  4. What's to Come
  5. Losing Sight
  6. Stay
  7. I Still Remember
  8. Last Goodbye
  9. The Most Important Words
  10. Whoa, Yeah
  11. Strength in Persistance
  12. Living Easy
  13. An End to Everything
  14. Sunshine
  15. Johnny NoNo

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